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Special model “RIO” Sold out

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The special model “Rio” is produced in a limited edition of only 300 pieces worldwide.

With the colors yellow, green and blue, the shooting glasses fits to Brazil, the host country of the Olympic Games 2016. Technically it’s identical to the proven high tech model “Olympic Champion”. You can order now this unique shooting glasses.

Delivery date: February 2016

Champion models

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All the three models in the CHAMPION range:

  • can be adjusted for all disciplines and shooting positions
  • can be set up so that all components are rigidly secured
  • can be fitted with the full range of parts on the accessory list, i.e., eyeshields, target lenses, irises, filters.
CHAMPION – Winning Technology !

General Information on Shooting Glasses

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When buying shooting glasses, please ensure that you can alter the lens poition in all directions ( height, laterally, turn and tilt). All components must remain secure !

The lens should always be positioned so that it is perpendicular to the line of sigt when viewing the target. The eye should be sighting through the exact centre of the lens. The lens centering device will help you to get the best lens position.

The glasses are supplied with lensholder, sace and combined eyeshield. We recommend particular components for the various disciplines which are marked G, U and P

G = Rifle, U = Universal, P = Pistol

The first two digits of the part – number give the diameter of the target – lens – holder (when appropriate).

25 = 25mm for Rifle, 32 = 32mm Universal, 42 = 42mm for Pistol.


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Side Blinders attached to the hat, cap, shooting glasses, or to a head band, not exceeding 40 mm deep (A) are permitted. These blinders must not extend further forward than to a line from the center of the forehead.

A piece to cover the non aiming eye not larger than 30 mm wide (B) is permitted.